Sam’s Club Bold & Blue

A new look for a new Club experience


At one point, had been successfully revamped and streamlined with the new voice and personality of the brand. But the in-club shopping experience hadn’t caught up, and there was a clear disconnect between the friendly and informative online messaging and the warehouse feel of the clubs.

Our assignment was to help bridge the two, and make sure the new “bold bestie” personality shone through—all in a warehouse club environment. We would also be tasked with assisting in the national rollout, coordinating with painters, club managers, etc. on a massive scale.


  • Creative Development
  • Copywriting

  • Production Coordination


Focusing on the key insights, we designed solutions for each one individually.

  • Redesigned the signage and navigation from the ground up.
  • Shot all new photography, straight from our studio.
  • Added hand sanitizing stations.
  • Communicated important product attributes clearly.
  • Worked hand-in-hand with the team at Walmart and key vendors to make sure everything produced was practical, affordable, and—most of all—effective.


The new in-club design completed its national rollout in 2023.

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