Walmart Meat Department

We partnered with a leading meat producer to help revitalize sales in the Walmart Meat Department 


Did you know Walmart delivers premium quality in their fresh meats? Did you know they have fresh seafood? If you shopped there back in the Spring of 2018, you might have missed that. A major meat supplier reached out to us to help identify how to engage and educate the shopper and increase fresh meat sales at Walmart.

We pored through multiple proprietary studies and pulled several key insights. Some barriers for consumers were practical and some were merely based on perception. Practical barriers to purchase were one thing, but how do you change a shopper’s (outdated) perception?


  • Research & Insights

  • Creative Development
  • Photography

  • Production Coordination


Focusing on the key insights, we designed solutions for each one individually.

  • Redesigned the signage and navigation from the ground up.
  • Shot all new photography, straight from our studio.
  • Added hand sanitizing stations.
  • Communicated important product attributes clearly.
  • Worked hand-in-hand with the team at Walmart and key vendors to make sure everything produced was practical, affordable, and—most of all—effective.


While we can’t share specific numbers, we can say that the initial lift in test stores was not only significant, but also sustained. Walmart ran this creative in all stores from roughly 2018 to 2023.

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